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About Us

We are a Colombian leading designer of specialized sealing products in rubber, plastic and other various polymers, oriented to the Construction, Transportation, Infrastructure and Industrial sectors in strategic markets around the world

Since 1982 with a broad experience in Colombia and Latin America, our Company has focused in offering highly innovative and internationally competitive solutions with cutting edge technology in formulation and technical support, distinguishing ourselves for our reliability, integrity and responsiveness to the needs of our customers.

We develop engineered rubber and plastic products achieved under extrusion methods, co-extrusion, flocking, injection molding, pressure tooling and blown filming, using a wide variety of compounds concordant with each application.

For over 30 years, we have participated and accompanied multiple projects, oriented towards various Industries, with a wide product and service portfolio intended to satisfy the requirements and needs of our global customers and allies.

Our corporate philosophy consists of shaping strategic alliances with each one of our customers, building trust and security through a continuous personalized assistance and technical service that allows us to shape stronger, enduring relationships

Our Global Reach

We have a wide exporting experience to more than 15 countries in the Americas where we work hand in hand with important leading companies in the Fenestration, Bus Bodywork and Pipe industries, among others.

Our international product portfolio is aimed to design exclusive sealing systems, especially in EDPM, Nitrile, Silicone and TPEs that follow the functionality requirements and the field regulations in accordance with the project in progress


  • Integral Development: We provide in our collaborators the growth of their intellectual, affective, physical, social and spiritual dimensions.

  • Humility: We assume without arrogance our own achievements and virtues accepting our limitations and mistakes.

  • Teamwork: We generate synergy through the integration of all individual and collective talents for exceptional results.

  • Passion: We do our work with enthusiasm, joy and love, placing above our capabilities a force that leads us to always improve.

  • Service: We promote a culture based on the attention, satisfaction and improvement of the expectations and needs of our clients, generating memorable moments to achieve their preference.

  • Ethics: Our actions and decisions are governed by respect, morality, loyalty, honesty and transparency in the pursuit of personal and organizational goals.

  • Confidence: Security and tranquility generated by the fulfillment of our commitments.

  • Respect for the environment: Our actions are committed to the care of natural resources.