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Pillars of Corporate Governance

Internationalization: We work on the creation and implementation of an intelligent model that allows us to internationally carry out and strengthen alliances and commercial agreements, including our participation in projects, trade shows, business roundtables and events related to rubber and thermoplastics. On top of this, we are constantly looking to acquire state of the art knowledge and technologies in order to improve our processes, which allow us to comply with new international certifications and a leading edge market position.

Competitiveness: We build our efforts on productivity, strengthening our R&D techniques and optimizing our processes through re-engineering. We evolve in the powering of a great staff, highly competitive and motivated to work towards the complete satisfaction of our allied customers.

Commercializing: We offer our allied customers a portfolio with a wide variety of integral solutions and we allow ourselves to create distribution channels that facilitate the arrival of the product to the final consumer. Our goal is to maintain a dynamic corporate culture founded in our customers’ positive experiences.

Innovation: The creation of suitable products and services for the needs of our customers is something we constantly work on. These products and services add value to our customers’ processes, generating loyalty and satisfaction within them.