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Value Proposition

Specialized personnel

In order to offer smart designs to our allied customers as well as quality in the processes, products and a very specialized service, we rely on professionals in various engineering disciplines like Chemistry, Mechanics, Materials, Systems, Industrial, Product and Process Design as well as professionals from other areas such as Management, Communications, Marketing, Sales and Customer service.

Our plant personnel is qualified and highly committed to the quality of our products, our company and our clients. We also count on a Sales and Customer Service Area, an Innovation Department and a Logistics Department, all of which are experienced and committed to the national and international market requirements. In addition, the Administrative Board and managerial staff work responsibly and efficiently to accomplish the established corporate goals..

Optimum compounding

The chemical compounds from rubber and plastics formulations are several and complex, from it, the supply selection technology, dosage and processing is crucial in order to reach the adequate Mechanical-Physical properties of our products. The Innovation and Development department count on a high end laboratory equipped to test and select the most appropriate raw materials and investigate their inter-relationship during processes to ensure the achievement of excellent quality products with high functionality.

Geometries design

We rely on a team of engineering professionals in Mechanics, Chemistry and Materials, among others who are experts in highly technical sealing systems that vary in formulations and customized geometries in compliance with the demands of our customer’s projects.

Efficient production processes

Our production equipment is state of the art machinery for compound formulation, profile rubber extrusion, pressing and injection, vulcanized O-rings, lubricated profiles with self-adhesive tapes and custom made designs.

Additionally, we develop cutting edge technology for the extrusion and co-extrusion of rigid, flexible PVC and PS profiles, with decorative strips among other things. Our production processes are designed to attend to the customers’ needs in a rapid and secure manner. We formulate and manufacture our own rubber compounds ensuring better quality and price in the finished products.

Efficient and Safe packaging

We make sure that our products arrive in perfect conditions and that their usage specifications are easy and safe. In order to guarantee that, we count on practical packaging systems in terms of functionality, costs and environmental impact.

Timely deliveries

We respect and understand the need for an efficient product delivery system for our allied customers, for that reason we make security provisions of raw materials, inputs and finished products. We count on an agile and efficient logistics process for the delivery of our products to any place in the world that comply with top performance indicators.

Own tooling manufacturing

Our own metal working shop inside our plant resourced with specialized equipment allows us to make our own tooling (molds, nozzles, etc.) to have a better control over quality, performance and cost of our products.

Specialized technical consultancy

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in the application of products in various sectors, we are ready to attend to our customer’s needs as well as their portfolio product demands and new designs.