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Construction Line

We are leaders in the manufacture of elastomeric seals for the fenestration industry. We rely on strategic alliances with top Windows and Doors manufacturers, which allows us to jointly develop solutions for both traditional and European architectural fenestration systems that guarantee high productivity life, exceptional quality and safety in the assembling processes.

Accordingly, we are able to ensure excellent performance in terms of quality of seal, surface finish, easy and secure fit, superior weatherability, durability, damping, protection, environmental preservation and energy efficiency among other great features. Moreover, we are part of our customers’ projects through continuous assistance and consultancy services, allowing us to provide them with more versatile, functional and aesthetic solutions.

In consequence, our products meet international standards as we use worldwide recommended materials such as EDPM rubber, Silicone rubber and TPEs for exterior applications, and plastics such as PVC and PS for interior purposes.

USA Projects

International building projects

Seals for windows, doors and facades

Profiles for furniture, partitions and commercial display cases

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