Seals for windows, doors and facades

Glazing or Sealing Strips

It is a gasket that can be placed inside or outside the fenestration system and the main goal of its applicability is to seal and hold the glass inside the aluminum to avoid any water leaks or any kind of substance leak.

This gasket should be selected based on the type of aluminum profile or architectural system (window, door, facade etc.), for an optimum functionality or installation convenience. Sometimes these strips replace the “U” shaped gaskets because they adapt better to the profile design. They are mostly used in awning systems and display cases.

“U” Shaped Strips

This kind of gasket can be perceived as the evolution of the glazing strip kind and it is perfect for stationary systems that do not use glass fixers like the sliding and hinged systems. It allows them to separate the glass from the aluminum avoiding its contact and possible breakage. Its special design averts the ingress of external agents providing airtightness to the system. It is the most popular gasket for traditional fenestration and it is designed for each one of the systems depending on the desired glass caliber.

Wool Pile Weather Strips

These are strip seals that can be manufactured in a variety of colors, on occasion they have a silicon layer, which allows a smooth and silent glass sliding and increased impermeability. These are regularly used to prevent the access of dust, insects and other external agents, it is additionally used to avoid an air conditioned outlet so the windows would not make noises with the air flow. These seals can carry a plastic barrier to avoid the entrance of water, acting like water-repellents and guaranteeing an airtight system.

“O” Shaped or Bubble Strips

These are seals with round shape are normally used in awning windows or in swing doors. This kind of seal ensures the airtight sealing between the aluminum profiles. They are assembled sideways, this means that they slide through the aluminum profile socket and this is why its base must be very precise. The co-extruded bulbs are perfect for these kinds of applications given that the firmest base allows the profile to slide along without it contracting.

Coextruded Profiles

These are gaskets with two different kinds of materials: EDPM rubber and a polypropylene base. These are easy to slide seals through large distances by only one person, optimizing the productivity and production times. Given the materials they are made of, these are non-shrinking gaskets, for this reason it is not required to have an error margin in the dimensions and there are no waste materials from the process. These gaskets can be moved from one location to another when packed in the aluminum profile without them falling off. These can be used in profiling with a triangular or rectangular coupling. Their production color can be black or gray.

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