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Domestic and Industrial Appliances Line

We rely on a wide experience in the Domestic Appliances Sector due to our continuous work with leading companies by developing products that answer to market demands with innovation and competitiveness, achieving top performance systems in every application. For this reason, we have created pieces that are highly resistant to temperature variations, environmentally safe and easy to use without them altering food taste or odor.

In addition, we offer high functionality rubber sealing systems (especially in EPDM, NBR, VMQ and SBR) for various other industries such as Oil and Gas, Industrial Lighting, Office and Home Furniture, Elevators, Metallic and other Structures, Industrial Doors, Hospital and Gym Equipment, Tanks among others. Our most featured products from this line are:

  • Seals for Domestic Appliances

We work with molded products specifically developed for household appliances because they withstand variations in temperature and have a higher lifespan. These seals or gaskets are very diverse and can avoid filtrations, air loss, water and other materials. They include: Silicone coated gaskets, O-rings, plastic profiles, hoses, foams, hubs and others. These kinds of gaskets

  • Seals for Electric Cabinets

The “Z” type gaskets and foams are seals with specific designs that allow an easier assembling and a more secure closure system, and are designed for Electric Cabinet systems.

  • Seals for Industrial Machinery

Inside this category we produce a broad variety of seals such as washers, hubs, tapes, O-Rings and sponges that are used according to their application, system and industry. These gaskets are designed in several different sizes, shapes and formulations, especially in EDPM.

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