Safety solutions for parking spaces

Our Parking lot safety product line has been developed by the Mexican company GNR Technologies for which we are direct distributors in Colombia. Their products are manufactured in recycled rubber with very innovative designs for traffic control products that help cars navigate and park safely.

Speed Bumps 

Speed Bumps are produced in recycled rubber, which allows them to have more flexibility to adapt to any kind of surface and be highly weather resistant. These Speed Bumps are very effective to reduce vehicle speed when entering or leaving a parking lot located in school zones, hospitals and anywhere where speed reduction is necessary. The installation time for these products is less than with the concrete alternatives, given that the process is carried out immediately. These kinds of bumps are more resistant than the concrete or plastic ones, they also have a tape around them for visibility purposes (yellow or white) and have a 10 cm height to avoid damages to vehicles with a lower body.

Parking Blocks

Parking blocks offer safety when parking space is limited by protecting the front side of the vehicles from bumping against a wall or column. The block allows the parking process in private garages or public parking lots to be easier and more secure. They are manufactured in rubber and molded with reflective tape for a better visibility.


Rubber edges/ Column and Wall guards

These guards protect walls inside the parking lot from being ruptured or damaged due to car bumps when parking.



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