We participate in mega construction projects for national and international companies, by supplying elastomeric seals for sewerage, water supply, irrigation systems, hydroelectric power stations in addition to bridges and tunnels. We rely on a team of experts and a specialized lab for the design of different profiles and compounds that are customized according to the needs of each one of our customers.

Using prime quality raw materials for more efficient, lasting and environmentally cleaner products, we follow specific industry regulations and comply with several international standards or specifications. In this Line, we highlight our seals for pipes (concrete, PVC, HDPE and GRP) which comply with NTC 1328, ASTM F477, ASTM 1619 standards and are Certified ISO 4633 Rubber Seals – Joint rings for water supply, drainage and sewerage pipelines specification for materials


EPDM Rubber Hydroseals for Pipelines.

These gaskets are used as hydro seals to guarantee the sewerage system stability during its estimated lifespan. They must comply with certain characteristics inherent to their use and within reasonable costs like:

  • Leak Tightness
  • Flexibility
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Optimal hydraulic behavior
  • Installation and maintenance convenience.

Concrete Pipes Pipes to conduct sanitation, water and sewerage networks, driveway drainage, pressure free underground ducting. The pipes can be reinforced and are used in concordance with the required customers´ specifications.

GRP Pipes: (Glass Reinforced Polyester)
Great diameter pipes and accessories for water supply, sewerage, drainage and other industrial applications.


PVC Pipes: (Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipes and accessories for drinking water, distribution networks, evacuation of rain and waste water, drainage and general onslaught risk networks.

HDPE Pipes: (High-Density Polyethylene). Pipes made to work with pressurized water, widely used globally as a PVC alternative, in the construction of gas distribution networks and in the mining industry.

Metallic Pipes:

a. Forged Iron: used generally for the water and drainage service, especially when the piping is in direct contact with the ground. Normally used for waste waters.

b. Steel: used for the transportation of water, fumes, oils, fuels and gases. Normally used for high temperatures and high pressure.

c. Copper: used to carry cold and hot water.

d. Bronze: appropriate for the water supply in general.


Gaskets for these kinds of applications are perimeter seals that work by compressive force and act as sealers between the precast joints making the assembling more effective. This way water and other microbiological and chemical compound filtrations are isolated. Additionally, these gaskets bring stability to the joints in case they face high-pressure forces or vibrations.

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